Team members

Our team consists of six students from the Gymnasium Grootmoor in Hamburg who attend different grades. You can find more detailed information about the specific team members below. Our team philosophy mainly emphasises teamwork. To achieve great results, we think that spending time together apart from working is essential. It is necessary that every team member is involved in the development of our final car as well.

ArnoArno Text Englisch

Julian Löhr
Team Manager

Arno Leue
Marketing Manager


Tom Reinecke
Design Engineer

Jakob Barkalaia


Julia Markus
Media Manager

Pauline Schütt
Graphic Designer

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
~ Henry Ford

Team History

Regionalchampionship (F1 in Schools 2017)
- Members: Susi (17), Julian (16), Malte (16), Christoph (15)
- 1. Place out of 22 participating teams
- Price for ´best Pit display´ and ´best Portfolio´

Nationalchampionship (F1 in Schools 2017)
- Members: Susi (17), Julian (16); Malte (16), Christoph (15)
- 4. Place out of 15 participating teams
- Price for ´fastest car´

Because of our innovative car we received a wildcard for the 4x4 in Schools worldchampionship

Worldchampionship (4x4 in Schools 2017)
- Members: Sophie (17), Julia (17), Julian (17), Malte (16)
- 16. Place out of 24 participating teams
- Price for ´Research and Development´

Worldchampionship (4x4 in Schools 2018)
- Members: Pauline (16), Julia (19), Julian (18), Tom (18), Arno (16), Jakob (16)