The main part of the competition "4x4 in Schools" is the development and manufacturing of a remotely controlled miniature all-terrain vehicle. We design our car with the CAD program "Solid Edge" by Siemens, manufacture parts in our 3D-printer and test these on special parkour elements. The final vehicle, consisting of approximatly 250 parts, has to overcome a parkour in front of an international professional jury. The world championship takes place in november.

To handle the track well a good suspension, a low center of mass and a narrow turning circle are mandatory. At the moment our car is in the middle of the development phase and the final features of the car are secret until the competition. But here's a little sneak peek into some ideas we are working on right now:

VGC (Variable Ground Clearance)

Some obstacled need a wide ground gap, others need a lower lying center of mass. Thus already since last season we are working on a system which can variate the gap to the ground of our car.

Movable Towbar

Another task of the car is to pull a trailer. To have better control over the trailer and pass narrow turns without any problems we are developing a system at the moment which allows us to move our tow bar left and right.